Memory, in a sense, is our selected narrative. Our minds pick and choose what it is we base our personalities and realities around. It is something that is constantly floating, changing, and shifting. Like a never ending iteration of the childhood game Telephone, a memory has constant opportunity to degrade. We are not remembering the event, but remembering a memory, a memory of that memory, and so on. It leaves us to fill in the holes and invent details based on a few surviving notions. 

Through drawing, I challenge the viewer to complete this task. Echoing the style of children's book illustrations, I imply a narrative, like out of a fairy tale, but the viewer doesn't know where we are in the story; all they know is that they are left with only some of the information. I encourage and horror vacui, an impulsion to fill in the page. With only a taste of detail, I provoke the viewer to complete the page with intensity and scrupulousness. I evoke a narrative, a history, a memory - what happened here? The open-ended image ignites interpretation. Rather than taming the mind, it only saturates the viewer with possibilities. This creates an anxiety and awareness calling into question what we think we know and how it got there. 

Caitlin Peck is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from Pennsylvania State University in 2010 and gained her MFA in 2013 from Moore College of Art & Design. Peck exhibits her work in the Philadelphia area and has been a featured artist in Selfish Magazine: Hot & Bothered Issue 4 (Brooklyn and LA) and GUTS (Canadian online magazine and blog).