'Short Shorts and Long Socks Are Appropriate' 2012. Cotton, thread, poly-fil, and black wire.

'The Proper Way for Gun-Cleaning' 2013. Embroidered tablecloth.

'The Value of Pie' 2013. Felt, chiffon, velvet, thread, and plastic crystals.

'The Proper Way for Gun-cleaning' Installation view at the artist's mother's home.

'The Golden 'Stache' 2011. Image transfers and gold embroidery on paper.

"Suicide destroys memory.

It undercuts one of our most romantic and most comforting notions: that we don't really die, because we live on in the memories of those who love us.

When you kill yourself, you're killing every memory everyone has of you.

You're taking yourself away permanently and removing all traces that you were ever here in the first place, wiping away every fingerprint you ever left on anything.

You're saying, "I'm gone, and you can't even be sure who it is that's gone, because you never knew me.

So what did I know about my father, really?"

-Joan Wickersham, The Suicide Index


As a challenge, Rules of Engagement is an ongoing list of 250+ quirks, characteristics, inside jokes, and general observations of my late father.