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love, Icarus


The well-repeated Greek myth of Icarus tells the story of a father (Daedalus) and a son's (Icarus) escape from imprisonment with remarkable, hand-made wings. After careful planning and practice, they set out for home only to have a tragedy strike. Young Icarus, in his zeal for freedom and flight, flies too close to the sun, melting his wings, and causing him to plummet in the deep ocean. Daedelus is barely able to react and is not able to save him. He awash with grief, guilt, and loneliness.

I wanted to take this melancholy within a story well-known. love, Icarus is a capture of grief for the unexpected, the suddenness that tears and remains torn. The wistful gaze to the past and the anguish in memory - it is a collection of quiet, but not silent dramatics.

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